DJI Phantom 3 vs Phantom 4

The name Phantom and DJI are synonymous with quality in the world of drones but with several different versions of the DJI Phantom drone available it’s worth it to know the differences between them. DJI Phantom 3 Pro and the DJI Phantom 4 are two of the best consumer quadcopters from DJI, and it’s worthy of a comparison between […]

Sony PlayStation 5 Specs

Here’s how the PS5 hardware looks – alongside the PS5 Digital Edition, both available at launch: But what’s inside? The orginal set of specs for the PS5 were confirmed Digital Foundry expert Rich Leadbetter’s analysis and later elaborated now thanks to a press release after the PlayStation 5 Showcase on Wednesday 16th September. Below you’ll find the specs […]

Oculus launched new standalone vr headset

Oculus’ Project Santa Cruz has an official name: Oculus Quest. The standalone virtual reality headset, introduced by Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerburg during the Oculus Connect 5 keynote on Wednesday, operates without phones or cables and will sell for $399. The headset rounds out Oculus’ VR lineup, joining the Oculus Go and Rift as the company’s […]

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